About GrayActiva

As a team of kitesurfers and surfers, we’ve spent so much of our lives out in the ocean. The sports we enjoy are only made possible by a healthy, productive ocean, but now our seas are under threat. Ocean temperatures are rising, overfishing is threatening our fish populations, ocean acidification threatens our coral reefs, and plastics are filling up our oceans.

The main culprit for these climate changes is the human use of fossil fuels like petroleum, the very material used to create the neoprene found in wetsuits. The tragic irony of experiencing all of the benefits of the ocean while contributing to its destruction was not lost on us. We set out to make a difference.

Our mission is to provide watersports enthusiasts with high performance wetsuits that have a regenerative effect on the environment, not a destructive one. Our wetsuits are USDA certified biomaterial made out of recycled seashells, non-edible plant oils, sugar cane, and Hevea rubber.

The seashells we use are seafood industry byproducts that would otherwise be destined for a landfill. Instead, they provide you with a chance to experience the ocean, and protect it.

We hold every product we design to the highest standards of sustainability and performance so you don’t have to worry about compromising your values for your time in the water. Join us as we revolutionize the wetsuit industry and reduce our global footprint in the process!

About Gray Robinson

Gray was born in Bermuda, but moved to British Columbia as a child

his mother, brother, and sister. Gray had always been adventurous, but in the great country of Canada, he truly blossomed as an outdoorsman. It was during this time that Gray developed an interest in extreme sports that would last a lifetime.

Once he was old enough to drive, Gray saved up for a VW Westfalia and ventured across the country rock climbing, Mountain Biking, snowboarding, and ice climbing. By the time he was 19, he had found his way back to the ocean where he became a certified SCUBA instructor. Just two years later, Gray moved to Australia where he taught diving lessons.

Gray’s experience as a SCUBA instructor, and, later, as the leader of an international kitesurfing school, led him to question the assumption that wetsuits had to be made out of environmentally destructive neoprene. Today, Gray leads a team looking to provide the highest performance wetsuits on the planet, allowing people to spend more time enjoying the watersports he’s dedicated his life to. At the same time, he wanted to create the most environmentally friendly wetsuit so that he could give back to the planet that has given him so much. GrayActiva is the culmination of that project.